The objectives of the society are as follows:-

1. To make society aware with air, water and radio-active pollution and making efforts to search for the methods of there control.

2. To make efforts for the conservation of water and water harvesting.

3. To do plantation for the prevention of pollution and conservation of forests.

4. To conduct research & training on medicinal plants, Mushrooms & Jatropha sp. with special reference to their cultivation and production  of herbal medicine.The collection and preservation of traditional knowledge of plant use is also an important objective.

5. To highlight the significance of tourism industry amongst the society and to provide training to the rural qualified people for the same.

6. To develop training centers for hotel management, catering and food preservation.

7. To establish primary, secondary, and higher educational institution for weaker section of the society and also providing vocational education at different level.

8. To establish educational institution and training centers for Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani, Dentalcare, Eye care, Naturopathy, Aqupuncture, Reki, and paramedical studies.

9. To cooperate with the programmes of Red-Cross society and World Health Organization.

10. To make aware the society for the prevention and control of infectious diseases and mal-nutrition.

11. To cooperate with the national and international programmes on AIDs, Leprosy & Polio eradication.

12. To provide residence to the homeless old people/women/scheduled cast and scheduled tribe and also work for their welfare.

13. To conduct the various programmes like rural development, Adult education, continuous education, education for all etc. according to the policies of the international organization, Central government and State government.

14. To work for women empowerment.

15. To develop training center for women health workers.

16. To develop training centers for the self employment to the women like Beauty parlour, stitching, tailoring, weaving etc.

17. To develop centers for ‘pila’ domestication for the production of ‘pearl’.

18. To work for social awareness about the non- conventional energy sources and making efforts for their development.

19. To promote rurals village handy craft of the area and helping artisions for the promotion of their art and craft.

20. To develop center(s) for the selection and training of artists interested in music, drama, direction, film, acting and television etc.

21. To work for the conservation of regional ‘Bundeli’ language and folk-culture.

22. To carryout social surveys from time to time on the social evils like Alcoholism, Smoking, Prostitution, Child- labour, Child-marriage and Untouchability and also to make effort to remove these evils from the society.

23. To develop social awareness about the establishment of small scale and cottage industries in the rural areas according to the will of  Mahatma Gandhi and guidelines provided by Khadi Board/Khadi Gram Udyog Commission so as to develop the employment opportunities in the rural areas.

24. To organise the regional seminar/ symposia/exhibition etc.

25. To make efforts to fulfill all the object of the society.