Essentiaiiy,the two extremes are represented one of harmony and the other of conflict with nature.The reason why environment has become a topic very commonly discussed by media-men who find it very topical and the elites of the country cosider it fashionable.While the positive aspect do not attract attention,it is the doomsday / alarmist / sensational approach that hits the headlines.Not only this,if we peep into our past and see the type of conservation ethic that comes to us through our history,culture, religion and philosophy from the vadic times,it becomes abundantly clear from an stanza of"ISHOUPNISHAD"which means some what like this: 
"the whole universe together with its creatures belong to the lord "(Nature)"Implicit in this thought is that no creature is superior to any other and human being should not have absolute power over nature.Let no one species encroach over the rights and prevalages of other species.One can enjoy bounties of nature by giving up greed".

Alas !.We have forgotten this biasic philosophy and taken to the western approach of assault on nature and coming in perpetual confilict with it on account of exploitation of natural resources.Indians have not been exploiters but utilizers of nature.Indian sub-continent is inhabited by tribal / rural communities belonging to different ethnic groups.With prevalent happening on the world scenerio,the waves of technological progress of the so called civilized society have crashed against the age- old culture of the rural/tribal people have now threatened of extinction.Their age-old,time tested cultural values,rich traditional skills and above all the oral folk -lore knowledge system are fast disappearing and are likely to be lost for ever.This phenomenon has caused a great concern to the scientists, government agencies as well as non governmental organisation leading to facing this challange and to conserve this valuable traditional knowledge and wisdom of tribals/ rurals for the posterity.          

 We are actively engagged in collection and preservation of  traditional knowladge on plant use.We invite you to cooperate   us.